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Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.

Auguste Escoffier

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The Story

When you’re at Nevizade, there’s always plenty of delicious food and drink to go around! Come gather around the table with your loved ones and experience the warmth and hospitality­čŹ┤­čąé



From Mediterranean

Specials Menu

Nevizade Lamb Sautee

Tender slices of lamb.


Sea Bass / Levrek

Whole grilled Mediterranean seabass


Sea Bream / Cipura

Whole grilled Mediterranean Sea bream


Hunkar Begendi

Cubes of lamb cooked with tomato sauce served over charcoal roasted eggplant.


Best Quality Foods


fresh Foods

At our restaurant, we take pride in using only the freshest ingredients to create delicious, wholesome meals for our customers. We believe that the quality of the ingredients is the foundation of any great dish, and we work hard to ensure that our ingredients are always fresh, locally sourced, and in season. By using fresh ingredients, we can showcase the natural flavors of each ingredient, creating dishes that are not only delicious, but also packed with nutrients

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Resat John Bayram

This place is something else, the woody interior design, and the historical importance of the location, being one of the oldest buildings on the yonge street. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is very cozy. Friendly staff, friendly customers. A best place to socialize with their authentic food of Turkey.

Brokoli & Co.

Very nice authentic Turkish dining experience. Tasty fresh food, neat and cosy seperate dining rooms, reasonable prices. Brings me back to the time I spent in Istanbul , definitely recommended. The portions are just perfect so I suggest to take a couple of entrees and share, you won't regret it.

May Sato

We had the most delicious grilled sea bass and babaganoush the other night. The atmosphere is very cozy and we were treated with first class service by the very handsome Polat! We are looking forward to going back again soon and try other dishes.


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